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Bobil Vans are proud to stock and supply Autoterm Diesel heaters.


The Autoterm 4kw diesel heater, made in the EU, combines the lower cost of the ‘Chinese’ diesel heaters, with the reliability and warranty backing of the more expensive Eberspacher/Webasto heaters.


Autoterm diesel heaters come with a 3-year warranty and the 4kw model is superb for a larger vans where you need a true heat for all 4 seasons. If you have a small-medium size van, or won't use your van during the cold winter months, we recommend choosing the 2kw model.


With the Autoterm diesel heater, you have a choice of 2 controllers. The standard rotary PU-05 controller with/without a temperature sensor, allowing you to turn the heater on/off, control the fan speed, and use the temperature sensor as a thermostat.


Or you can upgrade to the comfort controller, allowing for a better display and timer functionality. (e.g. turn on my heater a 4am on Thursday for 1 hour or turn heater on when temperature falls below 16C, and turn off when it reaches 22C).


Why pick Autoterm Diesel Heaters over any other?

  • 3 year warranty for peace of mind
  • Bulletproof reliability and quality
  • Full thermostatic control
  • Easy servicing and repairability worldwide
  • Quiet running with silent fuel pump
  • Better value than comparable German heaters
  • No need for gas in the van
  • Cheap to run: 4kw will only consume 1/2 litre of diesel on full power per hour
  • Pressure sensor on board to run heater at high altitudes
  • Works brilliantly with Bobil water heaters!


The 4kw Autoterm heaters use 90mm ducting, and can be mounted internally (as standard) or externally.


Included in the kit

  • Controller of your choice
  • Fuel pump with mounting bracket
  • 1 meter of exhaust with silencer
  • 1 fuel dip fuel tube and fuel line
  • Power cables and fuse box
  • A silencer air intake
  • All fastenings, nuts and bolts


As standard, this kit also contains:

  • 1 x 65mm turret fitting plate (for internal fitting)
  • 1 x 90mm vent
  • 1m 60mm/90mm Ducting (which when extended is roughly 1.35m)


To see a full teardown of the autoterm diesel heater to see how it compares to the cheaper Chinese heaters, Alex Frood has made a detailed video covering this which you can watch here.


If you want to fit your diesel heater outside your van then you can purchase the external fitting kit here.

Autoterm 4kW Air Diesel Heater (Campervan Model)


Autoterm water and air heaters are built to ISO 9001-2015 standards. They also have E2 R10 and E2 R122 approval for whole vehicle approval for use in road vehicles.