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Technical parameters:


This stainless steel Mounting box is suitable for AUTOTERM Air 2D/4D air heater. 


Mounting box ensures a safer installation of the heater unit, as it is made out of stainless steel it can also be installed under the floor of vehicle.



This product MUST be bought with a heater to ensure the correct parts come with the box for your heater. Please ensure a heater is present in your total order when ordering this product. Ordering this box will mean you'll recieve 1.5m of ducting, which will extend to 2m TOTAL. And you will also get 1 extra vent when ordering this. 


If you want to order this box for an existing heater, to replace your turret plate, then you'll need extra parts and need to contact us.


What mounting plate do I need? YouTube video

External Mounting Box

SKU: 129

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