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By popular demand, we now have a dedicated underfloor heating kit add-on for our Bobil Air Hybrid/Xchange, or as a stand alone underfloor heating system in combination with a diesel air heater!


This kit connects allows you to harness the heat from a diesel air heater, and use it to heat glycol (coolant), and pump that around the floor of your campervan through a copper pipe, allowing you to have a toasty warm floor.

If you're using this in addition to one of our Hybrid/Xchange heater kits, then simply insert the single heat exchanger before the Y-Diverter, and follow the instructions provided in the kit to wire and plumb up the system.


Kit Contains:

  • Single Heat Exchanger (with screws/fittings)
  • Seperate Dual Controller panel
  • 12v Pump
  • 30cm of 10mm silicone hose
  • 1m of 8mm silicone hose
  • Spring clips and wire clips for all hose connections
  • Glycol Header Tank


Please note, this kit does not contain any 8mm copper pipe for the underfloor line.


Simply select the size of ducting your diesel heater uses, and you'll be able to connect it onto your existing ducting.


For a more comprehensive understanding of how this system works in action, you can watch our video here.


Underfloor Heating Kit

SKU: 939