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Seaflo 0.75L Accumulator, the perfect addition to your campervan hot water system.


Accumulator tanks hold a reservoir of air and water, coming after your main fresh water pump. The air acts as a cushion, absorbing pressure fluctuations and vibrations, smoothing the flow and making the system quieter. Accumulators allow the pump to reach shut-off pressure more smoothly which reduces the on/off cycle which gives better control of water delivery and extends the life of the pump.


Can be mounted at any angle, and comes with rubber mounting feet for easy installation. Has 1/2" Male threads at each end.


Tech Specs

Pre Charge Pressure: 10 PSI

Max Operating Pressure: Adjustable upto 125 PSI

Measurements: 200H x 127 W x 114D

Seaflo Accumulator 0.75L

SKU: 9111

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