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Bobil powered underfloor heating!

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

In our last conversion, we fitted underfloor heating in the living space of the vehicle. To do this, we routed grooves in the floor to fit 8mm copper pipe, covered the tube with copper tape to spread the heat, then added a pump and header tank to pump liquid around the pipes leaving our customer with toasty feet in the colder months.

The pump was then wired to our regular controller, with an override switch so the system could be turned off in the summer when the heater was only being used for water heating. See more of the install in this YouTube video:

However, we have had many enquiries as to whether we could supply a kit so people could replicate the system themselves! The parts are very simple, all that is needed is a thin heat exchanger with adaptors, circulation pump, header tank and tube, with clips sealing the connections to the pipe. The liquid is a mixture of antifreeze and water. All you need to supply is the header tank, 8mm copper pipe and everything else is provided! Here is a diagram of how the system goes together:

Here’s how it fits into the Bobil Water Heater layout.

To wire the system up, it is wired in exactly the same way as our regular controller but the temperature sensor is connected to the output pipe where it comes out from under the floor. This stops the floor from getting too hot and causing damage to the substrate or the flooring adhesive.

If you’d like to have a go yourself then you can find the kit on our online shop!

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