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The Skymaxx LX PLUS 500x700mm skylight with inbuilt LED and flyscreen, made by Maxxair,, is the ultimate skylight for your campervan!


With a huge 500x700mm opening, providing ample light and space, it really is the king of all skylights. With an inbuilt LED light and flyscreen, and vented/non-vented interchangable options, it gives you flexibility and comfort for you campervan conversion.


Key Features:

  • Fitting all roof thicknesses from 42-60mm
  • 4 openable positions
  • Semi-tinted plastic cover providing privacy
  • Inbuilt 12V LED's
  • Inbuilt screen/blind for partial shade, or full sun protection
  • Comes with interchangable panels for vented/non-vented options

Maxxair SkyMaxx LX PLUS - with LED (500x700mm)

SKU: 4536