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Available in 10L, 15L and 22L.


SureCal boilers are made of the finest quality materials guaranteeing the ultimate performance and reliability. The drop coil technology and finned surface heat exchanger used in the boiler provides unrivaled heat recovery.


The unit is quick and easy to install with full fitting instructions provided. The boiler is insulated in a polyurethane jacket which will retain the heat for up to 24 hours after the engine has been switched off. The boiler is made of 100% copper, giving both performance and health benefits.


SureCal calorifiers come completely assembled ready for quick and easy installation. The immersion heater, pressure release valve, barbed engine coil connections and stainless steel fixing brackets all come as standard. A thermostatic mixer valve is fitted as standard for the safety of those onboard and increases the volume of hot water available.


The stored water within the boiler reaches the same temperature as the engine (generally 85°C). If the mixer valve is set at 65°C you will generally increase your available hot water supply by 25%.


This Surecal comes complete with:

  • Thermostatic mixer valve
  • 4 bar pressure release valve
  • 1kw immersion heater (AC) or 300W DC element
  • Non return valve
  • 15mm barbed connections for coil, ready for 15mm push fit plastic plumbing
  • Supplied with stainless steel saddles


For other sizes, please contact us directly.