Bobil Services

12v Electrics

We can help with all 12v systems including batteries, split charging systems, switch panels , lighting and other devices.


Water tanks

We supply and fit fresh and waste water tanks to your van, as well as pumps, filters and accumulators. 


Insulation & Cladding

We can help your van stay warm in winter and cool in the summer with insulation and wooden cladding. 

Insulation Installation


Whether you have tired looking cushions that need a new lease of life, or need fabric for newly purchased foam, we can help keep you comfortable and stylish!

Pin Cushion

Solar Panels

Any off grid campervan needs solar panels, we can supply and fit them and connect them to your vans main electrical system.

Solar Panel Installation

Heating Systems

We can source and fit the best air and water heating systems for your van.



We can fit timber framing for beds, cupboards and seats, ready for you to fit worktops and doors to.

Cut Wood

Design consultancy

Unsure of layouts, options or what kit to buy? Let us guide you through the minefield that is camper van building and help you achieve your dream van!

Industrial Design Car Sketch 2