Here's how it works...

The Bobil bits water heater runs off all diesel heaters that use either 60mm or 75mm ducting. It uses the hot air expelled to heat the water through use of heat exchangers,

With custom made threaded adaptors to join the diesel heater to the heat exchangers, it is quick and simple to install.

You can set the temperature you would like the water to be, and it will automatically switch off when it hits it.

If you are worried about the kit heating up your van when you are heating water...make sure to add on the diverter valve! An easy way to ensure the hot air goes elsewhere!

What's in the Bobil bits kit?

There are varying options you can purchase - Basic, Big or Bumper; the only difference between them is the time it takes to heat water.

To find compatible products with your heater, please click on whichever size ducting you have below! As a general rule, the 2kW heaters fit 60mm ducting, and the 5kW heaters fit 75mm

We also sell individual items, and water heater accessories, such as the level indicator and diverter valve. Peruse our whole product range below.

If you don't believe that heating water in your van is this simple, read our testimonials here.

Good news - we do ship internationally!

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60mm ducting

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diesel heater water heater

75mm ducting

Here are the options for your 75mm ducting


diesel heater water heater