60mm ducting Options

Which system should I choose?

There are three options available, which contain different heat exchanger sizes; both water heater options are tailored to a different performance level and budget.

The advantage of the 60mm ducting heaters is that the air is hotter than the larger ducting systems, meaning that more of the energy is useable.

All heater options will achieve the same goal, the main difference being the time taken to heat water. 

If you intend on using your heater a lot and will be frequently heating larger tanks of water then we would suggest the bumper kit.

There are various options for connecting the Bobil system to your water source. See our downloadable guide here which outlines the easiest ways of getting water in and out of our tank.

How do I get water in and out of the Bobil tank?

Good news - we do ship internationally!

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Heat exchangers - 1 x small

Time to heat water to 40°  - 14 mins


Heat exchangers - 1 x large

Time to heat water to 40°  - 12 mins


Heat exchangers - 2 x small

Time to heat water to 40°  - 10 mins



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